He is the British Government, when he's not too busy being the British Secret Service or the CIA on a freelance basis.
Sherlock to John on Mycroft

Mycroft Holmes is a character on the BBC TV series Sherlock. Mycroft is the older brother of Sherlock and Eurus Holmes.

He is portrayed by Mark Gatiss, one of the creators of the show.

Biography Edit

Mycroft is the older brother of both Eurus and Sherlock, by six and seven years respectively. He was a rather husky boy when he was younger. One night, his sister burns down the Holmes mansion. Believing her to be incapable of living amongst everyone, Mycroft's uncle, Rudy has her imprisoned in Sherrinford, an asylum meant to hold the world's most dangerous criminals. Instead of telling his parents the truth, Mycroft lies to them and tells them Eurus died in the fire. After his uncle dies, Mycroft takes it upon his duty to keep an eye on Eurus ("The Final Problem").

Series 1 Edit

Mycroft soon grows up to becoming part of the MI6 during the British Government and maintains a stained yet somewhat close relationship with his brother, and worries about him constantly and always is watching over his sister in Sherrinford. In return for Eurus' cooperation for informing three terrorist attacks, Mycroft allows her a Christmas present every year. One day for Christmas, he allows Moriarty five minutes conversation with Eurus unsupervised ("A Study in Pink", "The Final Problem").

Mycroft recently hears that a man named John Watson is taking up residence with his younger brother. He later kidnaps him and tries to convince John to spy for him on Sherlock, with Doctor Watson of Mycroft's relation with Sherlock. However, John refuses the offer and goes to leave. Mycroft later tells John that he should fire his therapist, but John refuses to cooperate with the man and goes to leave. The brother later inspects John's hand and realizes that he is not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and "welcomes' Dr. Watson back to the world, walking off, but not before warning John it is time to pick a side. Later that night, Mycroft goes to Sherlock, who is upset to see his brother there. John later learns of their relation as brothers. As John and Sherlock walk away, Mycroft tells Anthea to increase their security on both Sherlock Holmes and John Watson ("A Study in Pink"). 

After Sherlock's house is bombed when John was away, Mycroft gives John a case to solve the death of a man named "Westie" ("The Great Game") 

Series 2 Edit

Series 3 Edit

Sherlock begs Mycroft to come to John and Mary's wedding because he is board, but Mycroft refuses and continues working out ("The Sign of Four").

Series 4 Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Mycroft tends to kidnap people rather than talk to them.
  • He is seven years older than Sherlock and six years older than their sister, Eurus

Appearances Edit

Season 4

  • "The Six Thatchers"
  • "The Final Problem" 
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