James "Jim" Moriarty (portrayed by Andrew Scott) is the main antagonist of the first and second series of Sherlock. He is Holmes' greateset nemisis who for no reason dislikes Sherlock.Moriarty is also a criminal mastermind and serial killer.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Moriarty  killed a man named Carl Powers in 1969, later using it against Sherlock Holmes, putting them in 22C Baker Street, a disused flat.

Series 1 Edit

Later in 2010, Moriarty had been behind all the crimes. He first had Jeff Hope, attempt in murdering Sherlock, but John Watson saved him. Before dying, Hope gives the man's name Moriarty. Later in the year, he helped the Black Lotos criminals into Britain. When a deranged woman named General Shan has a brief conversation with him, he had her killed.

Moriarty makes his first appearance when he is seen dating Molly Hooper and plays games with Sherlock Holmes, taking hostages to ensure Sherlock solves them in a matter of hours. Moriarty also abducted Sherlock's close friend and companion revealing his identity to Holmes at the same time. 

Series 2 Edit

Before he can kill Sherlock and John, he has a call from an unknown source, and Moriarty spares them, stating they can die another day.  

In "The Hounds of the Baskervilles", Moriarty was captured and interrogated by the MI-6 and stayed silent unless Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother, revealed everything he knew about Sherlock holmes. When Watson heard of this, he was disgusted.  

Sometime after his death, Eurus Holmes uses Moriarity's face to send a message to her brother Sherlock that she has returned.   

Victims Edit

  • Scared man (abducted and attempted to kill)
  • Crying lady (abducted and killed especially)
  • Eleven unnamed people (killed)
  • Little boy (abducted and attempted to kill)
  • Sherlock Holmes (tried to kill)
  • John Watson (kidnapped and almost killed)

Book series Edit

Jim is based on the professor James Moriarty written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In the books, Professor James Moriarty is Sherlock Holmes' arch enemy and appears in three works of Sherlock Holmes series. Professor Moriarty first appeared in the short story, "The Final Problem". Holmes is on the verge of delivering from a fatal blow from Moriarty's criminal ring. Moriarity later falls to his death with seemingly Sherlock Holmes, who instead survives the fall. Professor Moriarty also appears in teh fourth book The Valley of Fear. Holmes attempts to stop Moriarty's agents from killing people. He doesn't directly meet Sherlock in the book.

Moriarty had one brother who was also named James.